Episode 3 4 years ago

In which we take a short hiatus

Hey, Navarr here.

I have a quick update on MineZ Revelations but before that I do want to say that we are absolutely overjoyed with what the community response has been to Revelations.

You guys have loved it. You've been digging it, you've been watching the video a ton. You've been subscribing - it's just fantastic.

That said, we're getting ready for Episode 4 and the unfortunate news about that is that we need to take a very short hiatus. Yes, that's very sad. It's very disappointing to hear. We're very distraught that we have to do this. But we do need the time. We need that time to finalize MineZ Origins Part 1. Get it ready and squared away for the Shotbow 1.9 update. And we need that time to finish the writing and production of episodes 4, 5, and 6.

We plan to get that squared away in about two weeks time, after which we should be able to release Episode 4 out to you guys and hear your response to that. Which will hopefully be that it is just as good if not even better than the last four episode we've released.

So we'll see you back here then - again, about two weeks time, and we're looking forward to what you think of it.

Oh, and one last thing.


Voiced by Navarr