Episode 4 2 years ago

Travelers have often stated out there beyond the icy water, cold and desolate, a vast monolith rises into the pale sky. Though its masons did well; its decrepit structure crumbles, its fiery visage blazes no more, and no epitaph remains of its purpose. On that tiny island the monument crumbles and an ancient force begins to stir.

Hey, Everyone - and Welcome to Season 2 of MineZ Revelations. For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Fridge and I'll be the producer of the MineZ Revelations series from this point forward. I’m happy to finally get this series going again, and I hope that you all are as well.

Without further ado, Shotbow presents: Episode 4 - Anomaly.

The flame was built into the walls of the spire. It could be seen from all sides, as each cardinal direction bore its own red symbol. From this close the enormity of the structure began to sink in. Its massive base was barely supported by the lonely island it sat on in the middle of a cold and desolate lake. The spire was so tall it appeared as if it stretched to the heavens. It was undoubtedly the tallest structure I had ever seen.

It was so tall, in fact, that if the weather was just right you could see the spire from Pravus or event Portsmouth.

As I got closer I began to notice small impurities in its otherwise perfect structure. Something wasn’t right. The floating orb that rested above the spire had cracks in it. I remember my dad pointing it out every now and then as we crossed close enough to see it. The small impurities I had just noticed, however, began to develop into larger cracks. Those cracks then split and grew across the orb, slowly forming it into chunks.

Against my better judgement I decided to get a closer look.

Now, the Spire of Agni is located on a lonely island in the middle of a lake. There are no ferries nor boats that can take you across the lake, which leaves only one option.

Preparing for the swim ahead of me, I discarded anything I thought might slow me down. I dropped a sizable amount of supplies, including my dad’s book. I hid them behind a mound of snow and jumped into the lake. Nothing could have prepared me for the intense feeling that overcame me once I entered. It was absolutely freezing. Every part of my body pleaded with me, “Turn back!” Little pin pricks hammered away at my body and my hands and feet became numb. But still I dragged my way through the water. Yet, every paddle I made seemed to move me no closer to the island.

I was so focused on moving through this water that I had stopped taking glances towards the top of the spire. As I drew closer to the beach, I began to go completely numb.

As if spurred by my arrival a loud clap thundered from the orb, chunks of it splitting from the spire and beginning to drift away from the main structure. The thunderous sounds growing louder and louder as each new chunk parted the superstructure. It was then that the chunks of glowstone and rock began to swirl around the now damaged orb in a massive disc, ocassionally ejecting a piece.

I encountered more and more of these ejected pieces as I neared the beachfront of the island. The heavy stone and bright glowstone plummeting into the water around me, increasing the difficulty of navigating the icy water with my already numb extremities.

Finally, I reached land. What had felt like forever had been only a few minutes since I had left the shore.

Unlike the coastline of the lake, there were no undead on this island. This seemed odd to me as I had previously seen several of them congregating on the shore as if watching the spectacle, but I wasn’t about to complain. Any day where I didn’t have to worry about them was a good day in my books. Especially on an island as small as this.

Clearing my mind of the horde of undead, I turned my attention back towards the spire. The situation was rapidly escalating. While the cracking had mostly stopped, the disc of debris surrounding the orb was now rotating violently. However, since parts of its mysterious and powerful shell were now missing I could now see what I was sure only a handful of others had ever seen: the inside of the orb.

Behind its gold and black shell laid what appeared to be a smaller sphere built entirely of gold. Although, it was very difficult to make out the appearance with the amount of light and fire radiating out from the holes in the orb.

The disc started to behave in an odd manner. It began to rapidly change rotational directions. The more the outer shell opened, the more agitated it appeared to become.

I moved up the steep coastline and noticed that the rapid rotation had begun to cause small stones to move and grass to uproot. I had to push against these winds as I moved towards the gates leading into the spire. After fighting long enough, I stepped into the inner sanctum and out of the wind.

I was honestly kind of excited.

My dad had always told me that entry into the spire was always deeply forbidden during more… “civilized” times. Only a select few were ever allowed to make the pilgrimage to the inner sanctum. Now though, with most of the world dead, I was able to see just what was inside.

In the center of the main room was a massive fountain. Small embers of fire and lava popped and sizzled from within it. It was apparent to me that the fountain had seen better days. Surrounding the centerpeice were the remains of an enchanted staircase winding its way up to the spire’s four towers. Light from the missing stonework was poking through the roof and upper walls, creating interesting patterns as it became disfigured and lost inside the spire.

I wasn’t entirely sure what I was searching for in here. I thought, certainly, there would be some sort of hint as to what might have caused this. I considered the anomaly from the other day where the night suddenly became as bright as day. Could that have caused this?

I began to move towards the fountain and noticed that there was something sitting within it. A hidden place that would have normally been covered by lava. It was encassed in glass, and hard to make out. I checked my surroundings before pulling out a spare tunic and wrapping my hands in it as best I could. I brought my hands down hard, pounding against the glass, trying to make a dent in it. Unfortunately, the glass had been hardened over many years and my fists were not enough.

I took a step back and surveyed the room for something I could use. I noticed small stones laying about the room. Small piles created as they fell from the crumbling ceiling. I took a larger looking stone from one of the piles and went back to work hacking away at the glass. After a while I managed to create a small hole large enough to fit my hand into.

I reached in, grimmacing as the sharp glass scratched my hands, even through the leather tunic wrapping them.

In the bottom of the glass was a small piece of paper. It felt fragile, and I withdrew it from the casing carefully, doing my best not to damage it. I turned it over and my eyes widened at the contents. The paper seemed to contain some sort of message, but what really caught my attention were the symbols drawn around the corners. One in particular. It was the symbol I had seen much earlier. The symbol present on the journal we had received from the scavenger. A yellow and black sphere with a red background.

I stashed the paper in a safe place and made my way out of the inner sanctum and back outside. By now the winds created from the disc's rotation had begun to pick up small rocks, throwing them a short distance. However, what perplexed me most was the energy the spire was giving off. Bands of light and fire came shooting out of the inner orb, and they were all directing themselves towards something off to the north. Sporadic bursts of light catapulted across the sky like lightning strikes until they disappear into the distance. Then, the ground began to shake. Massive waves began to form out on the lake, crashing into the shoreline. Huge gusts of wind screamed past me.

Soon though the waves receded along with the water, and great spiral depressions began to form in the lake. The water churning powerfully, growing more violent with every passing second.

The wind around the spire intensified and began to pick up larger rocks and glowstone, carrying them off and scattering it around the lake or even sometimes towards the disc around the orb. The disc appeared to be giving off a strong pull and anything that got close to it was being dragged into it.

Suddenly the waters and winds began to shoot upwards, arching towards the disc. The sheer power of the wind began to pull at me, tearing away at my exposed skin. I was barely able to keep my eyes open.

I was gravely aware of my situation. I knew staying on this island would only prove to be lethal. I needed to leave as quickly as possible. I took off, sprinting towards the water and leapt into it. It swirled around me, pulling me in various directions. Then I was dragged under by the current.

I frantically reached out trying to pull myself up to the surface, but could make no progress against the strong current drawing me away from the island. I tried again and again to pull myself to the surface but tumbled under the water, unable to do anything. I was frightened. My sight began to go blurry. I coughed, nearly blacking out when the water suddenly pulled me up towards the surface.

I managed to get my head above water just long enough to draw in a fresh breath of air, but the current shifted again and the water began to pull me upwards still.

Close by was a fairly large chunk of the orb, gently glowing. I reached out and kicked frantically, pushing myself through the water, trying to reach the rock; but the water tugged at me and suddenly I was lifted out of the water. The pull slingshotted me upwards past the island and past the spire.

The earth and sky tumbled around me as I approached the ground, slamming into the coastline. Water and stone pelted my still body as debris pilled on top of me.

My vision faded, and all I saw was darkness. All I heard was the screaming of the wind, the thunder of the disc.

And then… nothing.

Written by halowars91

Produced by Fridge

Voiced by 100PercentHippo

Help provided by Navarr

Translations provided by the awesome people on the Shotbow Localisation Team:

  • Snaaaap
  • Fridge2177
  • Its_Me_Erika
  • gunso515
  • windex_07

Music provided by Incompetech:

Thunderbird - Kevin MacLeod

Earth Prelude - Kevin MacLeod

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