Cracked along its meridian, an ancient force awakens from its erstwhile slumber. One of four headstones has been pushed aside, and the furtive secret that has been unearthed will now be cast upon the stage, for this tale may not yet be your epitaph. Awake…
Episode 5
Travelers have often stated out there beyond the icy water, cold and desolate, a vast monolith rises into the pale sky. Though its masons did well; its decrepit structure crumbles, its fiery visage blazes no more, and no epitaph remains of its purpose. On that tiny island the monument crumbles and an ancient force begins to stir.
Episode 4
In which we take a short hiatus
Episode 3
Graves unearthed. The resting of the deceased disturbed, and darkness unfolding. That is what was discovered in “Asindia”. It could have been bad timing, or bad luck, but the skeletons emerged as the town of “Asindia” entered into the world once more. Now a life hangs in the balance as the crackle of TNT signals its lethal countdown to zero.
Episode 3
After beginning an excavation at an abandoned digsite located near Bazel, a curious town called "Asindia" was uncovered deep below the earth. From the darkness a chilling sound echoes, and what comes out of the darkness is more terrifying then the undead that roam the world.
Episode 2
In the wake of a global apocalypse, a father and son explore the ruined world. Most of the population has turned into gruesome zombies. The survivors that have lasted this long are far and few. During an excavation by the father and son, a peculiar discovery points to a macabre past, and signals the beginning of a series of events that will shake the world.
Episode 1
A mysterious symbol, an odd book and a digsite. 25 years ago an unknown plague spread through the land. The world as we know it has collapsed. Now, on the midst of a massive breakthrough, a father and son journey into the unknown. What is revealed in the darkness…is beyond comprehension.
Episode 0